Looking for a supply chain consultant that offers             customer centred solutions?

At Middlebank our passion is to provide customer driven solutions which meet the highest levels of quality and value. We believe so strongly in the quality of our work that we guarantee it will to be to your satisfaction. Our commitment to our clients is shown through our proactive and positive approach to all our client communications. We believe trust is earned and at Middlebank we earn your trust by fully understanding your situation, your objectives and by respecting your confidentiality.

Call Middlebank NOW on +64 9 377 5033 and learn how you can have the best supply chain consultants working for you and your business.

“We are so confident that our work will be to your satisfaction that we unconditionally guarantee it to the clients’ satisfaction. If there is any case or cause for concern; the work will be redone, payment refunded or a mediated result will be realised to ensure that client satisfaction is achieved.”

Alan Win, Director of Middlebank

Why choose Middlebank?

  1. Substantial cost reductions
  2. Enhanced procurement strategies
  3. Reduction of inventory
  4. Greater customer satisfaction
  5. Implementation of advanced logistics IT solutions
  6. Improved time management and increased focus on your business