Middlebank was formed in 1999 to provide specialist consultancy services in logistics, supply and value chain management

At Middlebank we realise that our reputation is based on the real world expertise and experience of not only our people but also the solutions we provide our clients. We strive to always provide the best solution for you and your business, to ensure your needs and situation are fully met, which means you will receive the best outcome for your business.

We are committed to differentiating ourselves through the quality and value we provide in the design and implementation of customer driven solutions. The areas in which we have built up a successful reputation include the creation and implementation of value chain strategies, restructuring, reengineering, launching new ventures, improved planning and the measurement and monitoring of performance.

Why choose Middlebank?

At Middlebank we understand that businesses are operating in a rapidly changing global market where all organisations are seeking to maintain competitive advantage. It is this reason that Middlebank has been successful as we work alongside our clients in realising this goal, by aligning and balancing their supply and demand chains to maximise the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the company.

Here are a few benefits of choosing Middlebank ...

  1. Substantial cost reductions which enable an improvement in competitiveness and profitability.
  2. Enhanced procurement strategies resulting in reduced transactional cost and improved quality assurance.
  3. Reduction of inventory while retaining or improving customer service levels, subsequently maximising the return on assets.
  4. Greater customer satisfaction due to a performance improvement in the fulfilment process.
  5. Implementation of advanced logistics IT solutions providing key data in a timely basis to enable focused business management.
  6. Improved time to market enabling a competitive advantage.
  7. Increased focus on growing core business competencies by better allocating management time and resources.
  8. Using a Certified Management Consultant has many benefits. Click here to find out more.

We Believe ...

We believe strongly in upholding the principles and vision of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMCNZ - see below). This belief focuses our employees to strive at all times to be the best in delivering you solutions which are customer-centred.

We believe you are the most important part of our business and we will always make sure that your best interests are our main priority which is why we unconditionally guarantee our work to your satisfaction.


The IMCNZ is a professional organisation for management consultants and their aim is to raise and maintain the industry standards for management consultants internationally through the provision of skills certification, continuing professional development opportunities and peer support. We believe this accreditation is very important in providing clients with the peace of mind that we have aligned standards with those of the ICMNZ. Click here for more information.