What our customers are saying about us ...

“Middlebank Consulting Group was absolutely the right choice in partner to work with Unilever in evaluating and optimizing our transport network. They were highly professional, following a robust methodology of preparing and managing a RFP, interpreting and analysing responses, then providing a model such that we could hone our understanding and negotiation of a win-win outcome. Their work was instrumental in helping Unilever identify and realise a significant reduction in cost through network optimization and rate alignment.“

Joseph Dalo, ANZ Warehousing, Distribution and Customer Service Manager, Unilever Australasia

“Windgap is a small not-for-profit organisation in Sydney that provides a range of services to people with an intellectual disability. Part of our business involves logistics and we recently secured work that required skills that we did not possess. I had no hesitation in calling upon Alan and his team at Middlebank Consulting (MCG) who responded immediately and supported Windgap beyond our expectations. The MCG team are the consummate professionals who very quickly grasped the essence of our business and provided us with the exact support and expertise that we needed. MCG has a wealth of knowledge and experience but their major strength is that they are able to quickly grasp what is required and deliver this in a manner that is both effective and value-adding.

I would highly recommend MCG and thank them for the benefits that they have brought to Windgap. “

Gary Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer, Windgap Foundation Limited

“Middlebank Consulting have provided services to SCS since we established in 2001. They have supported us in a variety of areas in the business including financial analysis, operational review and support of sales. One of SCS’s biggest strengths is in our innovation and systems development both in terms of IT systems and also process management. Internally we can become guilty of ‘drinking our own bathwater’ and one of the key benefits we receive from Middlebank is their ability to apply such a breadth of knowledge from their background to the task of sanity testing our many ideas and initiatives. This way we end up with robust solutions and a ‘speed to market’ that offers us a competitive flexibility our competitors don’t enjoy.

I would personally recommend Middlebank Consulting Group to any company wanting to improve their logistics and supply chain management. They are an impressive team of bright and capable people able to challenge legacy systems, crunch numbers, interpret financial and logistics data, identify improvement opportunities and deliver value. “

Brad Lindsay, Managing Director, Supply Chain Solutions